Kamawatch chameleon timepieces change colour through the day


Kamawatch Miami is actually an Italian company, and makes watches with a unique selling point: they change colour at different temperatures.

They already have a toehold in markets including Italy, USA, Lebanon, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Qatar and Spain, and are pushing hard to expand within the UK.

Most watches are made from polycarbonate covered with a soft touch coating of thermo-sensitive paint that reacts when it reaches 31 degrees centigrade so it changes colour when worn throughout the day.


They are sold in a box set for around £100 with an extra standard leather strap that will not change colour. “The look is a cool, minimalistic, elegant, clean design with the added colour changing feature,” the company says.



“Kamawatch is not just a watch, Kamawatch has a unique point of difference with its color change, and is stylish with extremely on-trend designs, this is why we have received a phenomenal reaction from our consumer research and retailers alike. We are therefore confident that the future for Kamawatch will be colorful,” says Leon Rhodes from the watch brand’s distributor In2Brands.


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