Junghans revives classic Max Bill art and designs for 2018 limited edition


Max Bill was one of the 20th century’s leading Swiss architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer and graphic designer; and the inspiration for the Junghans Max Bill range of watches that borrow his name.

In 2018, Junghans is paying homage to Mr Bill’s work with watches that bear his name, art and typography.

The back of the 2018 Junghans Max Bills will carry the ‘sicherheit’ artwork of four yellow, red, blue and green triangles formed into a square.

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The dial, with its fine hands, balanced proportions and characteristic numerals was designed for Junghans by Mr Bill in 1961 but has the fresh addition of a green date that matches green stitching of the calfskin strap and its green under layer.

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