Junghans offers adrenaline rush with watches embodying sports fascination


Junghans describes the 1972 Automatic FIS Edition and the Meister S Chronoscope as sports superstars around the wrist.

The brand details how with versatility, resilience and performance bordering on the impossible – passion felt for sport is as high as it ever has been.

Inspired by this irresistible allure, Uhrenfabrik Junghans conceived the 1972 Automatic FIS Edition and the Meister S Chronoscope timepieces to embody the fascination of sport in every detail.


Its design incorporates durable materials with a style exuding character and athletic versatility.

The strapping contour of the watch is exemplified by solid stainless steel, distinctive edge protection and screwed crowns while sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on both sides and outstanding water resistance guarantee maximum resilience and absolute dependability.

In addition to the sports-related features, these watches also have other diverse functions.

The 1972 Automatic FIS Edition displays a second time zone by way of an inner ring and the Meister S Chronoscope allows meticulous measuring of the time with multiple totalizers.

The fascination with sport also revolves around a balanced combi-nation of high-performance athleticism and precise technical execution.

If these timepieces should relay a somewhat robust appearance at first glance, a closer look will reveal a decidedly more loving attention to detail.

Colour highlights on the dials lend a dynamic character to the watches while a dominant luminous substance on hands and indices ensures optimum readability.

The Automatic FIS Edition retails at $1,972 while the Meister S Choronoscope is priced at $2,595.


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