Junghans brings back its classic mid-century kitchen clock


For fans of mid-century Bauhaus architecture and interior design, the 1956 Max Bill Küchenuhr (kitchen clock) is an iconic piece of highly collectible history.

It came about through a collaboration between German watch and clock maker Junghans and product designer Max Bill, who was said to have had a soft spot for timekeepers.


With form following function, the Küchenuhr wall clock has a large white quartz-driven clock and a smaller 60 minute timer for helping keep track of cooking times.

An original 1956 Küchenuhr Max Bill.

The 1956 version and its modern day reissue both have a light blue glazed ceramic case.

Junghans’ 2022 reissue.

“65 years after its introduction, this design icon is back – precisely so bright and friendly today as ever,” Junghans celebrates.

The clock goes on sale in the spring of 2022 with an expected price of £445.

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