Insure to guard against street robbery increase


From their own claims records and from reports in the press, Assetsure know that street robberies involving the theft of wrist watches are on the increase.

Worryingly, these attacks seem to be happening more often in broad daylight with the assailants prepared to use violence in the pursuit of obtaining a watch. Assetsure has seen robberies perpetrated by gangs on motorbikes threatening persons outside of their homes, to street robberies involving so called "Hugger Muggers” who render a person incapacitated (sometimes unconscious) and then make off with their watch.

Not surprisingly a good number of the people they speak to, having acquired a dream watch, tell them they don’t like wearing it too often because they are worried about loss or damage. They believe that watches should be worn, not hidden away for safety.


Assetsure don’t expect bravery from their customers; they provide watch insurance so as they can wear an item with confidence, knowing that in the event of a loss, insurance will offer compensation.

They provide policies on an individual basis, so a valuable item can be insured separately from home insurance and thus, if there is a claim, the home no-claims bonus will not be affected. Assetsure’s policies cover Worldwide all Risks and the vast majority have no excess.

They are keen to work with watch manufacturers and retailers with a commission sharing arrangement to promote our product. They make this very easy and you will be introducing an additional service which will complement your own business. For further information contact Assetsure on 0207 305 5601 or email enquiries@assetsure.com.


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