IN PICS: Ferrari owners invite Scuderia Ferrari watches to dinner


MGS’s Scuderia Ferrari watches were welcome dinner guests at an annual meeting of Ferrari owners in Hertfordshire at the weekend.

The brand attended the 3rd annual Ferrari Owners Club Gala Dinner and Dance at The Grove in Hertfordshire.

A number of watches were sold to enthusiasts of the Italian supercar marque after brand manager Laurence Brannigan presented a selection of the new models at the dinner, including the new XX Kers.


He said: “It’s a great honour to be the proud distributor of such fabulous timepieces bearing the badge of arguably the most recognisable brand name in the world. Attending events over the last few years alongside Ferrari owners Club GB, has been instrumental in the design process of the watches, enabling us to meet the needs of multi-demographic end-consumers in the market place.

“Last year’s launch of the D50 was inspired by the club and gave a real heritage feel with classic body and silver Scudetto prancing horse! This paid tribute to the owners and fans of the 1950’s classic’s! The ‘Pit Crew’ collection is worn widely by the owners on racing days like Silverstone, the members love to be head to toe in Ferrari clobber and the watches just add to that for them, many of them having more than just one!”


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