IN PICS: Designer tasked with breathing new life into clocks

Renowned designer Kostas Metaxas has joined forces with Swiss clockmaking brand Matthew Norman to create two unique designs.

Helix and Garden of Eden are sister pieces created by designer Kostas Metaxas, both referencing life one biblical, one scientific.

“Horology is a very rich field with very few constraints, and therefore offers a great deal of creative freedom,” Metaxas commented. “Clocks are fascinating objects because you can play with what you hide and what you reveal.”

Helix and Garden of Eden both offer a power reserve of 8 days and are wound manually using a single key, which is also used to adjust the time. Each houses the Matthew Norman 1754 movement adapted and redesigned for this collection.Helix and Garden of Eden have 17 jewels each which, among other merits, ensure the durability of the mechanical movement.

James Buttery

Editor of WatchPro, the WatchPro Hot 100 and The Luxury Report.

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