How the Press and public reacted to the TAG Heuer Modular Connected


Like a Broadway director, Jean-Claude Biver will be waking up this morning wondering whether the assembled media who witnessed the launch of TAG Heuer’s Modular Connected, liked what they saw.

He need not worry about the press reviews. The transformable watch, which can be switched between an Android Wear 2.0-based smartphone and a mechanical timepiece housing Swiss-made automatic movements, is a hit.

“The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 may well be the boldest smartwatch design so far. In fact, there are 56 designs,” cooed Forbes magazine.

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“TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45: this is the ultimate smartwatch,” adds gadget mag T3.

“The ability to swap technologies could prove to be the killer app,” describes Watchonista.

“The modular idea is the right one. It lets people buy into the smartwatch world no, without having to throw it all out and start over every time someone new has an idea,” agrees technology title Wired.


But Mr Biver may have cause to worry about the reaction from the general public, which was more cynical. Comments on watch collector website Hodinkee included this from JimmyCosmo:

“I remember a wise man once saying, “you can’t be everyone’s friend “. The efforts to produce a product that appeals to all and covers every facet of watch making is flawed . Concentrate on either mechanical or smart and do your best, the iconic time pieces don’t compromise.”

Duder13 shared the sentiment. “Mechanical watches are an anachronism sought by a relatively small percentage of the population these days, so why try to make a smart watch that looks like a mechanical one? This makes about as much sense as a new Intel typewriter. I’m sticking with mechanicals, but, should I ever move to smartwatches, the Apple design ethos just makes a lot more sense.”

Deskdiver questioned whether there was really anything revolutionary in the launch. “what’s new here? being able to change the strap??” the commentator said.

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