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House of Khalsa scales new heights as retail footprint grows

House of Khalsa has continued to grow since the launch of its Ocean Lion, and looks set to stay on that trajectory as its retail footprint expands.

House of Khalsa has continued to grow since the launch of its Ocean Lion, and looks set to stay on that trajectory as its retail footprint expands.

A combination of unique designs and high-quality watches has enabled the brand to capture the attention of watch enthusiasts from around the globe, and now has growing presence in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai and Singapore, all the locations it is also wanting to expand further via prospective retail partners.

The Watches:

Those designs and quality watches can be seen in the inaugural Ocean Lion 500m, whose name came as a decision to have a Swiss Made Automatic divers watch as part of the brand’s initial offering.

The Sea Tiger 200m was next, then the Ocean Master 1000m, followed by the Swiss Kaur lady diver 200m, which means “Princess” in Sanskrit and is designed allow Khalsa to encapsulate a female audience too.

House of Khalsa’s Ocean Lion 500m

More specifically, and illuminating just how the brand wants to develop, the second generation of the Ocean Lion has been built to exacting standards by the brand’s watchmakers, resulting in a precise, professional divers watch that is designed to handle up to 500m depths, and uses more than 200gms of stainless steel.

Like all Khalsa watches, the iconic Ocean Lion watch embodies the Sikh spirit with a Khanda Sahib on the seconds hand, crown and dial, in addition to an embossed Khada Sahib featured on the buckle clasp.

The Brand:

The brand has already enjoyed a meteoric rise from its launch in the depths of worldwide lockdown and benefits from a number of bricks & mortar locations around the world.

It is now wanting to capitalise and that initial success and is looking for retail partners in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai and Singapore to help catapult the brand onwards and upwards.

As well as the high quality and design seen throughout the brand’s watch offering, humanitarian work and philanthropy is central to the business.

Those working for the House of Khalsa represent the Khanda Sahib as its symbol of universally recognised excellence, meaning its mission is to operate within that and in their own words: “Bring forth our rich incomparable heritage to the eyes, hearts and souls to everyone inherently connected. To let the spirit of our culture become a part of our personal style.”


As part of the family’s work and how that taps into the watch offering, the House of Khalsa has also been active in humanitarian work.

The House Of Khalsa has also had its hand in philanthropy as a family legacy. Knowing and educating the importance of humanitarian work.

Aiming at scaling this to greater heights with every generation. The art of doing good for the community ingrained in the Sikh tradition and Danny Singh’s family has been evident since many generations. The same passion is seen in the brand of House Of Khalsa.

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