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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS:Jean Falcon de Longevialle


There was little debate when it came to selecting a venue for his Hot 100 photo, as for Jean Falcon de Longevialle this past year has been all about one very special place – Bell & Ross’s first UK boutique.

The opening of the store, showroom and HQ in London’s Burlington Arcade has been a major milestone for the brand, as well as for Falcon de Longevialle and his team. “We have a plan and we know exactly where we want to go and how we are going to reach our objectives,” he says confidently. “Having a boutique was part of this plan. It strengthens our presence and it proves that we are ready to go forward in this market. It creates a positive energy for all of us.”


Falcon de Longevialle, who was previously Bell & Ross’s country manager in Spain before moving to the UK two years ago, says that the UK is a market the brand wants to “pamper”. A major part of this, he says, is working hard to get to know his retail partners better and passing on his passion for the brand to the sales teams selling its watches throughout the country.

“Our objective is to develop the UK market properly,” he says. “We strengthened our relationship with our partners who are part of this adventure also. They know where we want to go and how we want to do it. The boutique opening has also contributed to the distribution confidence hugely.”

With an impeccable track record, a shiny new HQ and endless enthusiasm for driving his brand forward, it is easy to see why Falcon de Longevialle and his growing network are feeling so confident about the future.

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