Hodinkee transition from news and reviews portal to watch shop continues

Swatch Hodinkee

Hodinkee is increasingly being seen as a retailer of the luxury watch brands it reviews, but few would have expected the American website to start selling $150 plastic watches from Swatch.

Having created a limited edition with Vacheron Constantin earlier this year, Hodinkee has now gone to the other end of the market with a collaboration to create a watch with Swatch.

The Sistem51 Hodinkee Vintage 84 is a tribute to a 2013 mechanical automatic timepiece from Swatch.

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“This watch pays homage to Swatch’s past while embracing the Sistem51 platform as a unique and new way to think about mechanical watchmaking. The design is inspired by the first Swatch with a proper sports watch design, from Spring 1984 (the brand’s second ever collection). Traits like the bold luminous markers have been reinterpreted, and sword-shaped hands and a date window at six o’clock have been added,” Hodinkee says in its sales literature.

The watch is on sale exclusively on the Hodinkee ecommerce site from this week, plus an extra 500 pieces will go on sale at the Swatch Times Square shop in December.

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