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HIGHLY COMMENDED: Quartz Watches of the Year, Hamilton Khaki Chrono Worldtimer


Practicality is rarely sexy. However Hamilton’s absurdly useful and cleverly devised Khaki Chrono Worldtimer offers so many simple solutions to everyday problems that it’s difficult not to give it the occasional furtive glance.

Developed with the help of Hamilton’s Red Bull Air Race team pilot Nicolas Ivanoff (he actually sat down and worked on the project, offering the kind of practical insight that only a man who spends most of his life inverted can) the Khaki Chrono Worldtimer focuses on timing events up to 12-minutes in duration.

The thinking behind this is that most sporting or day-to-day activities take seconds or minutes rather than hours, especially in Ivanoff’s case.


But at the press of a pusher at the 10 o’clock turns this clever quartz into the most capable of worldtimers with 24 city-based timezones, with Day/Night indication and, best of all, automatic adjustment for daylight savings in each of the cities.

The chronograph mode will also quite happily run in the background whilst in worldtimer mode, allowing you to revert back to the correct time instantly.


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