Grand Seiko unveils secret concept tourbillon and remontoire movement

Grand Seiko T0 Constant Force Tourbillon

Grand Seiko has already presented two new movements to the world in this, its 60th anniversary year.

Unknown until today, however, is that the Japanese watchmaker was also working behind the scenes on a secret concept calibre that demonstrates the very highest level of skills at its Shizukuishi studio.

The movement, code-named the T0, is the first tourbillon from Grand Seiko, and also incorporates a constant force mechanism, known as a remontoire, that ensures power is evenly delivered from the mainspring, regardless of how tightly it is wound.

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The combination of the remontoire and a tourbillon deliver a new level of accuracy for Grand Seiko watchmaking, and also demonstrate the highest level of design and manufacturing expertise.

According to Grand Seiko, the development of the T0 contributed to the creation of the Caliber 9SA5, which launched earlier this year but there is no word on when or whether it will make its way into a production timepiece.

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