GoS introduces first fully engraved Sarek Trollius


GoS has unveiled the first fully engraved Sarek Trollius.

The brand detailed how the watch is a result of a collaboration with Swedish artisan Anders Hedlund.


GoS introduced the Sarek collection in 2016 with dial patterns that emulated the waterways in the Sarek National Park.

A number of variations and bespoke elements have since then been introduced as well as dials that resemble the famous northern lights of Lapland.

For Sarek Trollius, both the dial and the rotor counter weight are made from Johan Gustafsson´s dense and organic damascus steel.

It is also the first GoS watch to feature engraved movement parts and details in 24k gold.

As part of the release, GoS described how Hedlund suggested the use of polished 24k gold pins, which is something premium knifemakers use to embellish their work.

The working name of the new watch became Sarek Trollius as Trollius Europaeus is a flower with yellow buds that is common in the Sarek National Park of northern Sweden.

The scrollwork for the watch is similar to the petals of the Trollius flower and the gold pins emulate the yellow buds.

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