Google researches a watch that could save lives


Not content with dominating the internet and telecommunications and becoming one of the world’s biggest companies in the process, Google has now set its sights on saving millions of lives with a watch.

The internet giant’s research division Google [X], is working on an early detection system that could identify the earliest stages of cancer, heart attacks and strokes using nanoparticles and a watch-like sensor.

The nanoparticles would enter the bloodstream, looking for telltale biochemical signs of disease, after being ingested in a pill. Any signs would be transmitted to a wrist-worn watch-like sensor, alerting the user. Early detection massively improves the prospect of successful medical treatment.


Google has recently moved into medical research and has acquired a number of companies in the fields of anti-aging and genetics. Google [X]’s most high profile projects or ‘Moonshots’ to date have been Google Glass and a driveless car system.




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