German retailers report sales are 50% of normal three weeks after reopening


Today is the start of week four since Germany allowed its jewellers and watch shops to reopen and, after initial excitement from staff keen to get back to work, the business is settling down to a new normal.

WatchPro‘s German editor, Antje Heepmann, says footfall in the major shopping malls and city centre retail districts is substantially lower than before the Coronavirus outbreak, but people are getting more comfortable with venturing out.


Jewellers are having to take significant additional measures to protect their staff and customers from the risk of being infected, including wearing personal protective equipment and operating from behind perspex screens.

Non-essential retailers in England could reopen in the UK as early as June 1 and business owners will be desperate to get started since sales through brick and mortar stores dropped by around 97% in April.

For a full overview of what UK retailers can learn from Germany, take a look at the full interview with Antje Heepmann by clicking above, and don’t forget to subscribe to WatchPro’s Youtube channel so you are updated every time we have fresh episodes.


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