Gérald Genta’s widow and daughter join Scottish Watches for their celebratory 300th podcast


Scottish Watches broadcasts its 300th podcast episode today featuring a fascinating interview with the wife and daughter, Evelyne and Alexia of legendary designer Gérald Genta.

His wife, Evelyne, was much more than just the great woman behind the great man, she was instrumental in the business affairs of Mr Genta  throughout his illustrious career.


The podcast explores the history of Gérald Genta’s designs, which most famously include Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak.

But his more playful designs, bold shapes, strong use of colour and grand complications of his later work are most fondly remembered and spoken about by his family in the podcast.

The early check of what watches people have on their wrists during the conversation is best answered by daughter Alexia, who says she is sporting a Minnie Mouse watch that was the first piece ever given to her by her late father in the mid-1980s.

Evelyne opted for her favourite Gérald Genta Perpetual Calendar.

Head to the Scottish Watches website where full details and pictures of the watches featured in the podcast are shared.

The Gérald Genta special podcast is a worthy 300th outing of the Scottish Watches podcast, which was launched under three years ago and has become one of the top 10 shows in the hobbies and interests category for Apple UK and is in the top 50 in the United States.

“What started as a joke comment on Instagram sometime in late 2018 has magically turned into a podcast that’s listened to across the world by watch enthusiasts and industry veterans alike,” says Scottish Watches founder Rikki Daman.

David Sharp, another watch obsessive who has been on the journey with Scottish Watches since the start, is also on the 300th podcast, and keeps the conversation bouncing along as they discuss how Evelyn met her future husband (they were at a dinner and he insulted the watch she was wearing as ugly — a classic pick-up line, Rikki jokes); the incredibly prolific output of the designer, producing a fresh design every day; and what were his favourite designs.

Scottish Watches Podcast

Launched in early 2019, The Scottish Watches Podcast has grown into a twice weekly shows.

Monday’s episodes start the week with a blast of watch news while Thursday’s show features collectors, watchmakers, brand executives and other people of interest to watch enthusiasts.

Despite its irreverent tone, some of the biggest names in the industry have appeared including Jean Claude Biver, Roger W. Smith OBE, Max Busser, Frank Stephenson, Brian Duffy, George Bamford, Tim Mosso, Edouard Meylan and many more.

The 300th podcast is as light as ever, but dives deep into the history of Gérald Genta, including his childhood struggling in post-World War II Europe, his early years as an artist and watchmaker, and the the iconic watches he went on to design — always as a freelancer, never as an employee.

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