G-SHOCK ushers in new era of slimmer octagonal watches


Octagonal bezels are part of G-SHOCK’s DNA and signature style, with the shape first used in 1983 when the DW-5000 was launched.

It was developed from the search for ultimate toughness and eliminating all waste — carving away unnecessary resin parts to form a solid design.

The concept was updated for the AW-500 in 1989, G-SHOCK’s first analogue model, and most recently in 2019 for the GA-2100, which takes the original octagonal design and brings it into the modern era with a new slim and compact style.

The trimming of the 2019 watch was made possible with G-SHOCK’s development of thin modules and a Carbon Core Guard structure that provides extreme toughness in the more petite frame of the watch.

This year the story has been extended again with the creation of G-SHOCK’s GM-2100 — the M stands for metal, which is the key evolution from the family’s resin forefathers.

There are two sizes of the new GM-2100, one a substantial 49.3mm x 44.4mm x 11.8mm, the other a more unisex case size for the GM-S2100 range of 45.9mm x 40.4mm x 11.0 mm.

Each size comes in a range of colours. The larger GM-2100 has green, grey, blue or red dials. Cases come in several IP coatings in different hues.

They are worn on tough, sporty black urethane straps and range in price from £179 to £199.

The slightly smaller GM-S2100 range has an all-black model as well as options with a green dial and silver case or rose gold dial with matching IP-coated case.

Inside an inner protective case made of glass fibre reinforced resin is a slimmed down module powering the analog digital watch with features including five time alarms, 48 city world timer and a 1/100th second stopwatch.

Casio is positioning the slimmer octagonal case and bezel of the 2100 as the primary form for future watches.

With all the strength of its predecessors, the GA-2100 is the perfect combination of the street culture codes that emerged in the 80s and 90s and took hold in the 2000s.

Its sporty design is completely combined with the sober elegance and a futuristic look make it perfect for today’s digital natives who share daily on social networks and love to show off with their new accessories, the brand believes.



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