G-Shock gives gunmetal finish to limited edition with vintage style


It was two years ago that G-Shock moved its London store from Covent Garden to fashionable Carnaby Street, and the company used an anniversary party to introduce a limited edition of one of its classic timekeepers.

G-Shock’s head of watch design, Ryusuke Moriai, attended the party and was treated like a rock star by collectors wanting him to sign their precious watches.

The GMW-B5000V, which borrows its base design from the first ever G-Shock, was launched last year, but a new model introduced to customers at the anniversary party has an aged metal finish that gives it a vintage and rugged feel.


There will be only 300 of the limited edition available in the UK.

The vintage appearance comes from a black IP treatment that then undergoes a proprietary ageing process.

It has the same functionality as the GMW-B5000D base model, with Bluetooth connectivity and multi-band 6 radio wave timekeeping accuracy.


G-Shock’s head of watch design, Ryusuke Moriai.


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