French watchmaker March LA.B opens London boutique.

march lab store

French watch business March LA.B officially opened a boutique in London’s fashionable Soho district this evening.

Founder and CEO Alain Marhic told WatchPro that the store is step one in opening with a sizeable network of retail partners across the UK.

In France, March LA.B has more than 70 doors.

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“We aim to work with great independent retailers across the UK,” Mr Marhic said.

Emilien Henrotte will lead the push as UK sales manager. He has worked with the brand since the beginning of last year.

March LA.B watches are vintage-inspired and take particular design cues from the 1970s. They are generally smaller than 40mm and will work for both men and women.

Most use Japanese-made automatic movements and are priced between £500 and £1000.


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