Fraser Hart raiders mount bikes in Brent Cross


Brent Cross shopping centre in London was turned into a race track as a gang on motorbikes sped through the London shopping centre after robbing a branch of Fraser Hart earlier today.

Four men rode the motorbikes through the centre at 10.30am this morning armed with bats and axes and smashed their way into the Fraser Hart store, escaping with what is believed to be tens of thousands of pounds of watches and jewellery.


The exact worth of the watches and jewellery stolen is yet to be determined, according to police but the Barnet Borough MPS did confirm that nobody was injured in the incident.

Witnesses describe watches falling off the bikes as the riders made their exits, and a store manager from Fraser Hart was heard calling after them “You bastards!”, according to a report in the Evening Standard.

The Evening Standard also managed to get a photograph of the riders inside the shopping centre from photographer Rick Treister who had been on his way to the Apple store.

As police investigated the robbery a section of the shopping centre was evacuated and closed down but a spokesperson from Brent Cross said that the mall is still open and operating.

The incident is now being handled by the Met Police’s Flying Squad, a section of the Met dedicated to detection and prevention of armed robbery and related professional crime.

Last month a man was jailed for his part in an attack on a Fraser Hart store in Kingston upon Thames. Luke Doyle, 27, was left behind at the scene clutching a bag of Rolex watches by his gang and received six and a half years in prison. 



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