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Fossil Group achieves a gender pay gap of only 9.1% for UK workforce

Women’s mean hourly rate at Fossil UK is 9.1% lower than men’s, according to a report filed with the UK government.

The gap is well below the average of 19% across all UK employers with more than 250 employees.

It is also lower than most of the retail jeweller and watch businesses to which Fossil sells its products in the UK.

Exclusive research from WatchPro found that the average gender pay gap for the seven largest retail jeweller employers in the UK was 25.7%

Fossil UK, which is headquartered in Milton Keynes, employs far more women than men, and women outnumber men in all areas of the business from top to bottom.


Fossil group pay gap


“At Fossil UK, we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing the equivalent job across our
business. Our data shows the gender distribution at Fossil UK across four equally sized quartiles, each containing
just over 200 employees. Fossil UK has a much higher percentage of female employees across all four pay
quartiles and our gender demographic is consistent across each one,” says Fossil UK managing director.

There is a wider pay gap between men and women when it comes to earning bonuses. 67% of women and 69% of men working at Fossil UK earn some sort of performance-related pay, but men’s bonuses are on average 44% higher than women’s.

Mr Collins says there is no difference between the way men’s a women’s bonuses are structured and paid.

“Our bonus is offered to selected employees at differing levels within the business and is performance related.
Employees of the same level have the same bonus opportunities. Bonus is paid monthly, quarterly and annually
based on the structure and targets set out in each bonus scheme. Payments are based on a percentage of earnings
during that period,” he explains.

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