Finnish watchmaker modifies 50-year-old Valjoux for new chronograph


Le Locle-based Finnish watchmaker Torsti Laine is launching a limited edition chronograph based around restored 50-year-old movements.

The Laine Chronograph uses restored, extensively modified and hand-finished Valjoux movements for which Laine creates 38 new parts inhouse including five bridges, four springs, a coupling clutch assembly and a new balance wheel made of copper beryllium with four adjustable, white gold inertia weights.

Each Laine Chronograph also features a free-sprung balance spring with a hand bent Phillips terminal curve. All the steel components, bridges, and watch hands of each Laine Chronograph are filed and mirror polished by hand. Also the jewel holes and screw heads receive special treatment.


Laine, a graduate of the prestigious Finnish School of Watchmaking, won the F. A. Lange Watchmaking Excellence Award in 2014 and has worked with both A. Lange & Sohne and Kari Voutilainen.

Several aspects of the 40mm Laine Chronograph are open to customisation with colour options on the movement and dial and cases available in steel (CHF 29,000+VAT) and red gold (CHF 36,000+VAT).


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