Festina jumps into smartwatch market with nine-style collection for ladies


Festina is encouraging customers to enter the connected universe of its all new SmarTime watches as it follows stablemates Lotus and Calypso to introduce a range of fashionable smartwatches.

“The world today does not stop for a second, and technology must adapt to new needs – hyper connectivity rules our day to day, and a more “smart” lifestyle us now within reach of our wrist,” the Spanish business adds.


Festina SmarTime watches come in three female stainless steel models, one with zircons on the bezel, and another one with a rosé PVD finish with and without zircons on the bezel.

They come with fashion-forward interchangeable straps in denim, padded leather in red and black.

Their sapphire touch screens provide access to functions such as activity monitoring for sports such as cycling and running including tracking of steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Also in the field of well-being, the watches offer sleep monitoring and a heart rate reader in a package that is waterproof to 30 metres and talks to both Android and Apple smartphones.

They keep people connected through access to contacts and notifications of incoming calls and messages, as well as applications such as email or social networks.

There are a range of themes to give the watches different digital looks, show a weather forecast and control music playlists, all in a gadget that should keep running for up to two weeks.

In total there are nine Festina SmarTime watches in the collection, retailing now for between £315 and £329.

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