Festina Group’s Lotus and Calypso sprint into smartwatch market


Lotus, one of an ever-growing portfolio of brands under the Festina Group umbrella, has unveiled a suite of connected timepieces dubbed Lotus SmarTime.

There are 19 watches in the collection in three different styles and technology types.


They retain the urban vibe of Lotus’s analogue watches in a minimalistic version with a 1.22 inch screen, a more technical version with a 1.54 inch screen — both with silicone and Milanese strap options — and a sporty model with a 1.3 inch screen that is worn on a steel or leather strap.

All watches can be bought with additional straps to change the look from day to day.

Sport, health and fitness apps are powering the smartwatch market, and Lotus has responded with a SmartTime app that gathers and processes data for different sports including hiking, running, cycling, swimming or football.

Sensors and algorithms monitor calorie burn, distance, heart rate and blood pressure.

There are also wellness apps that aim to help people sleep better, stay hydrated and keep moving.

Prices range from £95 to £129.

Another Festina-owned brand, Calypso, is another option for retailers wanting to offer a full range of health and fitness wristwear. Its fitness bands go head to head with the likes of Fitbit, with a full suite of health and wellbeing tracking apps communicating with the gadget’s sensors.

Calypso SmarTime has specific features for sports including basketball, football, climbing, cycling, hiking and running, both indoors for gym use and outdoors.

It also offers information about weather, air pressure, altitude and the strength of the UV light.

There are six versions, all retailing for £39.

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