Farer raises £14,850 auctioning off one of its cherished Land Rovers for NHS Heroes


British watch business Farer has cleverly used its love of classic cars, particularly Land Rovers, to find like-minded enthusiasts who might also appreciate the durability and no nonsense styling of its timepieces.

Owners of the company regularly attend collector meetings and auctions to show off their own classic cars and their latest watches.


This month the team decided to raise money for an NHS Heroes charity helpthemhelpus.co.uk by auctioning a Land Rover Series III in Marine Blue and it sold for an impressive £14,850.

The money will be used to support the physical, mental, and day to day wellbeing of NHS staff across the nation. The charity provides front line protection to healthcare workers; counselling and psychological services; and small grants to help with daily costs like childcare and transportation.

So far, NHS Heroes has raised £656,686 towards a total of £1,000,000.

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