EXCLUSIVE: Blowers Jewellers’ client offering grows with the acceptance of Crypto transactions


Blowers’ client base has grown with the acceptance of Crypto currency transactions, its Managing Director Mark Blowers has said.

The diversification of its offering means the jeweller can be more fluid in the way it conducts business while attracting and interacting with a larger audience.


In conversation with WatchPro, Mr Blowers said he was excited about the prospect of what it can do for the business, especially with the Hull-based retailer being one of the first in the market to get on board with the tech.

He explained: “It’s seems certain crypto is here to stay, it’s a positive move for us that we are moving the business forward and engaging with a predominantly younger audience.

“It’s early days in terms of frequency but we have generated several sales in the first week and have had lots of enquiries. Our client base often makes payment by bank transfer or card but with that said, progressive businesses can’t afford not to offer finance on sales and see crypto following suit.”

There are potential drawbacks of introducing new technology to any business, especially in the luxury industry but Blowers is confident it has found a robust way of ensuring everything is processed correctly.

“A fabulous partner is working with us to ensure transactions are risk free. We offer a 14-day return policy and have to make clear that if paid by crypto some fees may be deducted.” Mr Blowers confirmed.

Despite the foray into a relatively unknown for Blowers, there are clear benefits for both the business and the consumer.

Mr Blowers continued: “It shows we are not growing with just our current client base. Crypto customers are generally a younger client base and they seem to be pleasantly surprised we are happy to do business and engage with them.

“We have been established for 51-years and have a solid business, we have seen so many customers new and old who have had some fabulous gains trading in crypto but often find it hard to find retailers who accept it. They now want to move funds into a tangible asset like a luxury timepiece that can be worn and enjoyed whilst been considered a good investment too.”

Concluding: “We don’t see it becoming a large percentage of our transactions overnight but the early signs are positive, we seem to be one of the few in the trade accepting this payment method, word soon spreads amongst traders, and it’s looking positive so far.”

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