Ebay introduces dedicated luxury watch feed on Instagram


It might seem a day late and dollar short for a Silicon Valley stalwart like eBay, but today the online auction and market site has launched an Instagram feed dedicated to luxury watches for the very first time.

The social media feed is part of a broader strategy to promote eBay as the world’s largest and most reliable source of luxury watches on the web.


Last year eBay launched an authentication guarantee offer where every watch sold for more than $2,000 in the United States would be physically inspected by a professional organisation on the way from its seller to the buyer.

This built on an earlier initiative where eBay effectively guaranteed the authenticity of every watch sold by a handful of large, professional traders.

Today is the soft launch of the Instagram account.

So far there are just nine posts, mainly with inspiring bumper sticker messages such as, ‘every detail allows me to express myself’ and ‘there’s a story behind every piece’.

eBay and WatchPro Auction Report — Volume 1: Trust and Authentication

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