Cousins releases ‘encyclopaedia’ after 7-year gap


Watch components and tools supplier Cousins has released its first new catalogue in seven years.

The 2014 catalogue has more than 1,100 pages displaying an increased product range of 115,000 items that range from watch straps to Miyota movements.

Releasing the catalogue is the culmination of three years’ work and Cousins has likened it to an encyclopaedia for the trade.

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Cousins co-owner Samuel Cousins said: "The new 2014 Cousins UK catalogue has been made possible by three years of tireless work, during which software has been incorporated into our database, which has allowed us to produce this encyclopaedic source of information for our trade.

"I would say it is the most comprehensive source of information that has been seen anywhere in our trade, ever."

While there has been a seven-year gap between the two previous Cousins catalogues, the wholesaler said that the new technology introduced for the launch of this catalogue will make it possible to create catalogues on an annual basis.

The software allows Cousins to effectively download its database, which is what its website is based on, into catalogue format, therefore significantly speeding up the process of creating a print edition.



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