CORRECTION: Patek Philippe dealers will get 5711 replacement this year

Nautilus 5711.

As WatchPro reported on Monday, Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern has confirmed that there will be a replacement model for the Nautilus Ref. 5711 that is being discontinued this year but it is unlikely to be made available for people already on waiting lists that can be ten years long, or more.

“Stopping the Nautilus was an important decision, but we have a plan,” Mr Stern told the New York Times this week. “The replacement to the Ref. 5711 will be quite major. It will be better than the Ref. 5711,” he promises.


It was reported that the replacement watch will only be available at Patek Philippe’s tiny number of directly owned boutiques in London, Geneva and Paris, but a spokesperson for the brand has said that authorised dealers will get their opportunity with the new model this year.

“According to Mr Stern’s quote to the New York Times, it is most likely that the Patek Philippe Salons will be the first to receive the replacement to the Ref. 5711, but they are not the only ones. Our authorised retailers will receive the replacement watch in the same year (2021),” WatchPro was told today.

Speculation has been rife that the 5711 will be replaced in the Patek Philippe core collection with  two new Nautilus references this year: 6711/1T with a 41mm titanium case and bracelet with a blue sunburst dial — all-but identical to the 5711 to the naked eye — and 6711/1P, the same specs but made in platinum with a black dial.

Mr Stern does not confirm that rumor, but his description of what is to come will do nothing to scotch it.

“I will not say today in what metal or if it will be in steel. It will be something else, very close, and logical,” he teases.

Culling the 5711 is leaving thousands of potential customers out of luck, even if they have been sitting on waiting lists for years, and the new reference does not look like it will be allocated to retailers trying to manage those lists without alienating customers.

“Some retailers only get two Nautiluses a year, but they have 100 names on their waiting list. It is their own responsibility to explain it to the customer, but it’s not easy when you have someone who insists on getting on the list. You cannot only blame Patek Philippe for not delivering enough watches,” Mr Stern insists.

Mr Stern’s comments appeared to suggest that the 5711 replacement would only be on sale at a handful of boutiques owned by the watchmaker.

“It will be our own salons located in Geneva, Paris and London. It is not the perfect solution, and it will be a nightmare for them. That is my suggestion right now, but we will listen to our store managers,” Mr Stern told the New York Times.

But the brand has corrected this impression and confirmed distribution to Patek Philippe’s network of retail partners.

As for why Patek Philippe is nixing the 5711? It is all about protecting the long term health of the brand, Mr Stern says.

“We are doing this for our clients who already own a Patek Philippe and to protect our brand from becoming too commercial. I can continue to make this fantastic product, or sell 10 times more of them. But I am not working for numbers. I am protecting the company for the future, for my children,” he insists. “A watch should not be a top leader on its own. That is too dangerous,” he concludes.

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