CORDER’S COLUMN: WatchPro Market ends in tiers

Rob Corder.

Well, we tried.

With the covid quarter well behind us and watch retailers reporting a return to pre-pandemic levels of trading over the summer, it felt like WatchPro Market, which we had originally planned to launch in June, could be held as a holiday season event in November.


But with hundreds of thousands of tests per day discovering many thousands of covid cases as we’ve moved into autumn, the scientists and politicians have concluded that the current ripple of hospitalisations and deaths requires ever-increasing limits on our freedom to do business and live our lives.

November’s WatchPro Market will be another casualty swept away by Professor Witless and his lab rats Johnson and Hancock.

I’m all for helping the population enjoy lives as long and healthy as possible, but the government has always rationed healthcare in the knowledge that deaths and taxes are the only certainties in this world.

This, it seems to me, has been forgotten.

However, WatchPro will never lose its optimism that we will learn to live with this virus, learn to cure it or find a vaccine. When that happens, WatchPro Market will be launched bigger and better than would have been possible in November.

We greatly appreciate the faith of brands and retailers that booked the event and the public that signed up in their hundreds to attend.

I am sure we will be back in the Spring announcing new dates.

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  1. Another disbeliever, blaming the government and scientists for the problems and deaths caused by Covid19. Have you had a family member contract the virus and see how they suffer?
    If you need to blame someone, blame China, for allowing this lethal virus to escape from the lab and infect the world. Then, if you still need someone to blame, you can blame all of the people that don’t believe Covid19 is a real threat, you know, the one’s who ignore the rules and help the virus spread, by arranging mass get togethers.


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