CODE41 creates X41 in high density aeronautic carbon fibre


CODE41 is taking pre-orders for the fourth edition of its X41, and this time it is made from high density aeronautic carbon fibre.

The X41 AeroCarbon is the direct descendant of the third watch from CODE41, which was had been bought by 1,150 customers by the time the company stopped taking orders in November last year.


CODE41 is as much a global community as it is a watchmaker. Its fans are intimately involved in the design of each watch, and then fund it through pre-orders on crowdfunding platforms.

The company’s philosophy is to be completely transparent about the costs of the components that go into each watch, and their origin.

It could brag about being an officially made in Switzerland brand — a label that requires 60% of the value of each watch to come from the country.

Its X41 watches surpass this, with around 90% of their value deriving from Swiss parts and workmanship including its own exclusive Swiss-made manufacture movements.

Despite this, the brand does not conceal information such as when a case, strap or packaging come from other parts of the world, and even lists the price of every item that goes into making a watch.

CODE41’s new X41 AeroCarbon is made from a type of light weight and extremely resistant carbon fibre that is more commonly used in the aeronautics and aerospace industry.

The AeroCarbon material is made on demand in a specialist factory in France from 300 extremely fine layers, each positioned at 90 degrees to the previous one, and compacted under 10 bars of pressure in an autoclave oven. This process guarantees an exceptional composite that is 2.5 times more resistant to bending than steel and half the weight of titanium.

In addition, due to its high density, AeroCarbon is watertight without the need to add a titanium chamber.

Inside the watch’s 42mm case is the automatic manufacture movement with a highly technical type of oscillating weight on a ball bearing track; a technique that most watchmakers have abandoned because it is too difficult to produce without dramatically increasing the price of each watch.

CODE41 has pulled it off in a watch that will retail for under €5,500, although the scale of the challenge means a much smaller quantity of the AeroCarbon, just 400, will be produced.

They can be pre-ordered from 3pm today, July 15, for watches that will be delivered in March and April next year.


CODE41, with its X41 AeroCarbon, gives customers the opportunity to wear a piece of Fine Watchmaking at a price that the competition just can’t match.

Its limited edition movement is designed, made and assembled entirely in Switzerland with an architecture and design, including its peripheral oscillating weight, that only X41 customers can enjoy.

With any other Swiss watchmaker, the X41 AeroCarbon would be priced at more than €20,000, but CODE41 is making it for just €5,500 for a watch finished and assembled by hand in Switzerland.

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