Christopher Ward launches first Military Collection with three separate models


Christopher Ward has revealed its first Military Collection, consisting of three separate models honouring each service within the UK Armed Forces.

The watches, named the C65 Dartmouth, C65 Sandhurst and C65 Cranwell respectively, take their design cues from post-war military watches that were commissioned for the Forces in the second half of the 20th century.


Incorporating Christopher Ward’s Tridents and chronometer-certified movements, each design bears the C65 ‘light-catcher’ case and detailed, badge-engraved backplates.

The brand said it was proud to join an “esteemed line of brands” approved to sell watches bearing official UK Armed Forces insignia to the general public.

Mike France, CEO and co-founder of Christopher Ward, said: “Entrusted with the protection of the United Kingdom, its overseas territories and Crown dependencies, as well as supporting international peacekeeping, the UK Armed Forces stand as a beacon of bravery and professionalism in an ever-evolving world.

“We’re incredibly proud to add this new, publicly available collection to our decade-long experience in making bespoke watches for UK Armed Forces personnel.

“Representing the three military Services, each of whom rely upon absolute accuracy, we knew we wanted chronometer-certified movements; our interpretation of each design has been a journey of fascination and emotion as we have uncovered post-war stories from each Armed Service.

“Christopher Ward’s Military collection delivers world-class levels of timekeeping and design, with each piece adhering to the most stringent technical standards and meticulous levels of precision.”

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