Christopher Ward features 250 GTO fragment


Christopher Ward is offering a new watch containing a small piece of a classic car seen as a holy grail among collectors.

The new limited edition C70 3527 GT, which is available for pre-orders, contains a section of panelling from the seventh Ferrari 250 GTO to have rolled out of Maranello, one of only 39 ever built by the Italian supercar company.

The Ferrari 250 GTO commands the highest price ever paid for a car, when one example sold for US $52million to an anonymous buyer in 2013.


The section of metal, which is embedded behind a sapphire crystal caseback, was sourced through Christopher Ward’s partnership with TMB ArtMetal. The car from which the metal was sourced originally left Ferrari’s factory on May 22 1962 and the date is featured on the chronograph’s tachymeter chapter ring scale.

The watch, which is limited to 100 pieces, takes its name from the donor car’s chassis number and the metal fragment is machined to feature a Ferrari red Rosso Corsa number ‘6’ from the car’s number plate.

The watch is powered by ETA’s thermo-compensated quartz calibre 251.233, which comes with COSC certification, and will cost £2,150 with deliveries from mid-October.


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