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Christophe Claret teases Margot


Haute horologist Christophe Claret has unveiled an enticing glimpse of the manufacture’s first watch designed specifically for women.

Margot will be officially unveiled on March 26, so for now this teaser trailer is the first indication of how the final watch will look.

The video shows a diamond encrusted white gold or platinum case with rose gold highlights and blue hands on the dial. The most intriguing detail revealed by the video is the fact the watch is a repeater, showing a hammer, set with a red jewel, striking several times through a window in the side of the case.


The complexity of the projects Christophe Claret sets himself – Tourbillons are the simplest complications in his eponymous range – are perhaps unrivalled in the field of watchmaking so expect plenty more features to be unveiled at the Basel launch.


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