Christophe Claret formalises Chinese name


Christophe Claret has formalised a Chinese name for the brand, to help grow its reputation in China and develop its market presence.

The official Chinese name for Christophe Claret has been formalised. CEO Christophe Claret said that the importance of the name reflects the significance of the Chinese market to the brand and tied it in with plans to open further outlets in the country. He said: “First of all, the Chinese market represents currently 20% of our brand’s sales and we would like to develop it. For this purpose, we use different ways. Our website is available in Chinese as are our videos thanks to Youku. We would like then to open two outlets in China because we only are implanted in Macau and Hong Kong.

"In order to succeed in this market, we have to understand it well and to communicate about brand there. The name of the brand in Chinese is very important for that purpose.”

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The name is pronounced k lài tin yin in simplified Chinese according to the pinyin system. It features a distinctive blend of aesthetic and semantic elements.

The two first characters are fairly close to the phonetic pronunciation of the “Cla” in Claret and therefore, form a link with the brand’s Western name. Additionally, the Chinese are particularly sensitive to the beauty of ideograms, as well as their meaning and will recognise the Tean proverb behind the name, which discerns a life philosophy.

Among associations, the Chinese name has connotations of blue skies, the majesty of Tibet, the serenity of a lake, as well as sounds in perfect harmony with nature, which the brand says reflects Christophe Claret’s harmonic approach to creating its models.

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