Casio shines eight times over with latest octagonal G-SHOCK


Casio has expanded its G-SHOCK lines of watches once again, featuring its ever popular octagonal bezel.

The new GM-2100 is based on the GA-2100, which is popular for its octagonal shape and streamlined design, but now incorporates a metal bezel for an even more stylish look.


Released in 2019, the base-model GA-2100 inherited the concept of the DW-5000C, the very first G-SHOCK, but was a digital-analogue combination model with a slim profile and streamlined design.

With its distinct octagonal shape and straightforward design, the GA-2100 has been a popular choice worldwide, particularly among young people.

The new GM-21— retains the streamlined form and slim profile of the GA-2100, but adds a new forged metal bezel to give the watch a sharper look.

A round hairline finish is applied to the top surface of the bezel and a mirror polish to the sides, giving it a metallic gleam.

Options with blue-ray IP (GM-2100M) and dark grey IP (GM-2100B) bezels are available, while the dials are treated with a vapour deposition finish in new navy blue, green and red hues to achieve appealing metallic colour schemes.

The watch band employs a square dot texture with incremental variations in dot size, resulting in a sharp look to match the face design.

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