Casio releases first G-SHOCK titanium 5000 series watch


Casio has released a new G-SHOCK 5000 Series watch with a titanium main exterior this month.

The full metal, GMW-B5000TB is the first of the 5000 series watches to use titanium as a main component, making the watch 57 grams lighter than previous models made of steel.


All metal componants are treated with diamond like carbon (DLC) coating to improve durability.

The watch features a new, screw-back case and a black case with gold lettering that reproduces the look of the DW-5000C-1B.

The watch comes with glass made from sapphire crystal and the display makes use of STN-LCD offering greater viewing angles.

Retailing at £1,400, the Casio GMW-B5000TB also comes with smartphone connectivity that allows wearers to configure the world time amongst other settings.

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