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Casio goes back to the future for G-Shock 6900

Casio has harked back to the original release date of its G-Shock 6900 watch, for its latest ad campaign.

To spearhead its current re-release campaign, ‘Already Been Chewed’ (ABC), a design and motion graphics studio, was assigned to create a 60-second advert for the G-Shock 6900 watch.

Originally designed in 1996, the ABC team wanted the ad to refer back to when the G-Shock first emerged on the market.

Founder and creative director at the studio, Barton Damer, said: “The ABC team was asked to develop the creative entirely on our own. In order to faithfully reproduce the watch, the year 1996 was very important as far as creative was concerned.”

Damer wanted the look of the ad to align with the G-Shock target market.

He explained: “The watch has a very urban consumer base, so we knew, creatively, we wanted to incorporate the East Coast vibe, so that meant New York City with graffiti of that time inspiring the look of the spot.”

Damer explained how they came up with the piece, he said: “In order to do this, without zooming the camera and zooming the camera out, we developed transitions where the watch might pass behind a column or a layer of stairs. So, for example, in one shot you’re seeing the full watch and then, as it passes behind a column, you see a really tight close-up. Through these interesting transitions, we were able to accomplish the beauty shots we needed to pull off.”

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