Casio creates its first watch in partnership with Her Majesty’s Armed Forces


Casio will release its first watch under a new partnership between G-Shock and HM Armed Forces, the British Army X G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100BA.

Casio claims the timepiece, which will be released March 12 priced at £449, is built to last, even for servicemen and women.

It features an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure, triple-layered carbon-insert bezel, and stealth-black dial specifically requested by the British Army, all in a durable yet lightweight frame with a camouflage design.

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Cylindrical buttons limit debris from penetrating the watch, while the dual layered case back keeps it airtight.

The Casio-British Army collaboration also resulted in the watch having Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to connect wirelessly to the G-Shock app.

The app allows users to access features such as a location indicator, mission log memory, location memory, sunset and sunrise data, calories burned and more.

The watch also includes compass, thermometer, altimeter/barometer and step tracker.


  1. Damn… With it having wireless connection it means it can’t be worn in most of the places I work. That’s a damn shame.

  2. I hope the app is an improvement on the one currently in use. And that the it finally gives distance travelled rather than the useless steps counter

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