British watchmaker Fears sells its revival Streamline watch for 1946 price of £11 2s 6d


Rebooted British watch business Fears is reviving a 1946 design for a watch known as Streamline, and putting it on sale for the same £11 2s 6d price of the historic model.

Before you grab a couple of fivers and some change from your pocket to pay for the watch, Fears points out that the price has been adjusted for inflation and will cost £483 in today’s money.


The 2019 Streamline, limited to 100 pieces, will join the Redcliff family from Fears. It is a quartz powered watch with an antique silver dial.

The 38mm case is made in Switzerland before being finished and brushed in the UK. The watch’s seconds hand is also painted in the UK and the entire watch is assembled in this country.

It is worn on a vintage goat’s leather strap.



Fears Watches was brought back to life in 2016  by Nicholas Bowman-Scargill, the great, great, great grandson of Edwin Fear who first founded the company in 1846. It operated for 120 years before closing down in the late 1960s.

“It’s incredible to think it’s been 1,000 days since I welcomed people onto the Fears stand at SalonQP in 2016. Though Fears is one of Britain’s oldest watch companies, having been founded in 1846, I believe it’s important to mark this milestone in the company’s re-establishment. From the beginning with a single Redcliff watch it’s been an incredible two and a half years steering the re-establishment of Fears and growing the company to where it is today. I’m pleased to mark this occasion in our 173-year history with the launch of the Redcliff Streamline which is directly influenced by our Archive and is linked to a previous milestone – the centenary in 1946,” Mr Bowman-Scargill says.

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  1. So you have sold yourself out to the devil…… quartz for goodness sake, that’s not a watch, it’s a toy.
    And batteries are bad for the environment.

  2. My dear chap, as an analogy watches are like aircraft
    Biplanes are the equivalent of Hand wound
    Piston monoplanes are Automatics
    Quartz are Jets
    I know I’d rather go to Australia in a Boeing than a Dakota!
    The quandary of our times, batteries are bad for the environment, yet we all must have electric cars by 2035 in the UK
    If this company has to restart with quartz to get a footing in the market place then good luck to them!


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