British watch brand unveils new ‘Design Lab’ concept


British watch brand The Camden Watch Company has unveiled a new concept, which it calls The Camden Watch Company Design Lab.

The idea behind the Design Lab is to create a range of products that are one-of-a-kind designs, some of which may make it into its main collections, while others will remain one-offs.


There are three styles of Design Lab watches: Frankenstein, Small Batch and First Editions.

The Frankenstein Edition is put together using various parts from different watches within The Camden Watch Company’s main collection. Each watch is signed, dated and numbered on the interior of the case back.

The Small Batch Edition is a style or colourway that’s produced in very limited numbers (usually around 50 pieces), while the First Edition is the first version of a new idea, which is only produced in small quantities. Many make it into the main collection, albeit sometimes with minor amendments, such as a hand colour or strap style tweak.

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