BRITISH DESIGNED WATCHES OF THE YEAR: Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver


The combination of a vintage look with modern manufacturing methods is often used in contemporary watchmaking, but rarely to such striking effect as in Christopher Ward’s C65 Trident Diver.

The watch may not sell in such great numbers as the C60 Trident Pro 600, which has a larger bezel, and is arguably more practical if you actually wear it underwater, but the C65 hits this year’s beach to boardroom trend perfectly.

It really is a looker coupled with a double cuff shirt or a wetsuit thanks mostly to the more discrete bezel.

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A wider range of models is available in the 41mm C65, including a GMT piece and one with a bronze case.

The best, however, is the simple steel model that costs £695 on a leather or rubber strap, or £760 with steel bracelet. Black or blue dial and bezel is a matter of personal taste — both are stunners — and the value is remarkable for a Swiss-made timepiece with a hand-wound mechanical movement.

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