Bremont offers flight in a restored Spitfire with Battle of Britain box set of watches


As a tribute to the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which was celebrated this week, Bremont has made a box set of two watches made in honour of Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane aircraft that were instrumental in protecting the country from German air assault.

Bremont is producing just 80 of the limited edition box sets, and each owner will be given the opportunity to take a flight in a Spitfire at RAF Duxford in the UK.


“So much of our lives have revolved around wartime aviation and mechanical devices. The Battle of Britain was such an iconic time in British history, and all of the airmen from both sides were superheroes of the day. It is the epic story of man and machine, the wonderful celebration of gallantry twinned with technological advance,” says Bremont Co-Founder Nick English.

“The fact that we have come up with a beautifully engineered set of timepieces commemorating the battle, and with it comes the unique opportunity to experience the adrenaline and history of flying in a wartime Spitfire, is a totally unique offering in the marketplace. It’s all rather special really.”

Honouring the Spitfire is Bremont’s EP120 chronograph, with a black dial design with white instruments inspired by the Smiths clocks that can be found in the Spitfires that flew during the Battle of Britain.

The Bremont BOB Spitfire has a closed case back stamped with a top profile of the Supermarine Spitfire, the most widely produced and strategically important British single-seat fighter of World War II.

Its 43mm black DLC-coated case houses a modified BE-54AE automatic chronometer-rated chronograph.

Bremont’s BOB Huricane is a more retro pilot style watch with a 40mm steel case, black metal dial and nickel hands. It is sold on a vintage brown leather bund strap.

It uses the chronometer-certified BE-92AE automatic movement.

The box set with Spitfire flight is on sale now for £14,995 at Bremont.com.

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