Breitling’s Bond Street berth available for lease at over £2 million per year


When Breitling opened its new showroom on London’s Regent Street in February this year, there was no information from the business on whether it would continue with two stores in the West End by holding onto its original boutique on Bond Street.

Today, WatchPro got its answer when it discovered the Bond Street location is on the market with CBRE at an advertised lease of £1.6 million per year.


Business rates for the store are estimated at an additional £450,000, taking the total fixed cost to over £2 million per year for a lease that expires in 2028.

The corner plot has frontages of 17 square metres and 10 square metres and has two floors of retail space.

The ground floor is a total of 1,320 sqm while a lower ground floor has 1,742 sqm or retail and storage space.

Breitling opens biggest boutique in Europe on London’s Regent Street

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