Breitling partners with classic British motorcycle-maker Norton


Swiss watch brand Breitling has announced a partnership with English motorcycle producer Norton Motorcycles that will lead to the creation of some unique watches.

Breitling hints at some upcoming watches which will take inspiration from the style of Norton Motorcycles.

The company explain that: “The new watches will incorporate DNA elements from both brands, offering wristwatch and motorcycle fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express their individuality by flying – at once – the colours of an emphatically Swiss watchmaker and the ultimate “British-made” motorcycle manufacturer.”

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Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO since the summer of 2017, says that his brand’s parallels with Norton Motor cycles are striking.

“Both companies are innovative and entrepreneurial and have powerful legacies. At the same time, we are looking ahead toward what we at Breitling call ‘our legendary future’,” he says.

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