Breitling goes green with recycled flat pack instead of traditional boxes and papers

Breitling's New Watch Box

Breitling has made watch boxes created entirely from recycled plastic bottles as part of its commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Flagged as a work-in-progress during the covid quarter lock down by CEO Georges Kern, the greener packaging replaces large, heavy watch boxes that have long been an industry mainstay.


They will start feeding into retail in early 2021.

The packaging is already a first re-use of plastic from bottles, and is also designed to be recycled again.

“Following the cradle-to-cradle or regenerative principle, once the box is no longer needed, it can be recycled at a dedicated facility where it will be fed back into the rPET cycle,” Breitling explains.

“Breitling is committed to doing everything within its sphere of influence to reduce the company’s environmental impact. With that in mind, we started working on a sustainable packaging concept with the goal of optimizing the impact on the environment, and the result has exceeded our ambitions. It has evolved into a positively disruptive element that has affected many different aspects of our packaging, ranging from material to transport and even to how customers will use the box,” Georges Kern, Breitling CEO adds.

Breitling’s recycled and recyclable flat pack watch box.

Traditional Breitling watch boxes will still be available to customers who request it but they will be encouraged to offset the environmental impact of their choice by making a voluntary contribution to SUGi, which supports urban forests around the world.

Along with new packaging, Breitling has also said it will follow the lifespan of its watches using blockchain technology. The blockchain ledger will include the history of every watch’s ownership, its warranty and service reports.

Reaction to Mr Kern revealing his intentions to do away with old school box was mixed when WatchPro reported it in April.

“This is so cool, so in touch with the world,” commented WatchPro reader Victor Wong, but Bob Muir immediately responded: “In touch with what world? This isn’t packing that is thrown in the rubbish and ends up in the oceans. It’s saved, enjoyed, kept by the watches owners.”

Steve Fox is a convert. “About time too. Let’s hope the rest of the industry wakes up and does its duty to the planet. After all, the extra crap is unnecessary and only ends up in the back of the wardrobe or bin anyway and adds nothing to the ownership/buying experience. Well done Breitling, good to see one of the major players has a conscience,” he said.

Breitling Warranty Card Pouch.
Watch pouch of Breitling’s New Watch Box.
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  1. This is a fantastic concept, which I hope will inspire other companies in the luxury market (not just watches), to make more sustainable packaging for their products. Bravo Mr Kerns.

  2. Ridiculous. As the gentleman quoted in the article stated, “In touch with what world? This isn’t packing that is thrown in the rubbish and ends up in the oceans. It’s saved, enjoyed, kept by the watches owners.” When spending several thousand dollars on a watch, I expect a nice box and packaging without being guilted into making a donation to some environmental group.

  3. Yet another company hiding behind the green agenda to reduce their costs, by providing a bargain basement service to customers who are paying for a luxury experience. Having been a lifelong Breitling enthusiast, they won’t be getting any more of my money until they start providing me with the luxury experience I’m paying for. If I wanted a cheap and cheerful watch, I’d buy it for a cheap and cheerful price and I’d expect service like this, but the day will never come that I pay Breitling prices for Lorus service. Pathetic!

  4. Un believable that they have followed the touchy feelie crap that goes on today. As a proud owner of both superocean professional and an old navitimer, the boxes go hand in hand with the ownership. Mine will be handed onto my son along with the watches.
    Along with my recent U Boat purchase.


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