Breitling continues Chinese expansion with opening of Tmall flagship store


Breitling has continued to expand in China with the opening of a flagship store in Beijing’s Tmall.

The Swiss-based brand has also launched a new partnership with Tmall’s luxury platform Pavilion as part of the move.

The brand is hoping the new partnership with Alibaba, the owner of the mall, will create a more streamlined online customer experience for younger generations.


Georges Kern, CEO at Breitling, said: “China is leading the way in the process of global digitalization. As a premium Swiss watch brand, Breitling recognizes the importance of accelerating the pace of digital activation here in China, taking this as a development priority of our brand and becoming a leader in this field in the watchmaking industry.”

He added: “We are very pleased with the strategic partnership with Alibaba. Having a presence on Tmall and its Luxury Pavilion platform is undoubtedly a great start as we embrace new retail and omnichannel retailing. We hope to engage more with younger Chinese consumers, who have the greatest consumption potential and style, by leveraging Tmall’s massive and targeted user portraits.”

Breitling has become a progressive force in the Chinese market in recent days, earlier this week it hosted a red carpet gala to celebrate the move.


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