Boom Watches hopes to explode across UK market


Boom Watches has joined a growing band of Scandinavian brands looking to expand into markets across Europe, including the UK, this year.

The fledgling Swedish brand is looking for a UK distributor with the scale to roll the watches out to at least 20 stores; be they online or bricks and mortar shops. “We think we need 20-30 outlets to make enough of an impact in a country the size of the UK,” Daniel Jakobsson, Boom Watches’ brand manager and designer, told WatchPro.com.

Leaping from zero to 20 doors in the UK is a trick many wish for, but few manage in their first few years. But Boom Watches does have a particularly retailer-friendly proposition. The clean, Swedish, designs in the 2014 collections are fresh and current.


However, the unique selling point is that the entire watch can be taken to pieces, with other Boom Watch parts swapped in to completely redesign the look and feel of each piece. Many brands allow customers to change a bezel, but Boom allows them to change the strap, the bezel, and the case. A watch can start off like a classic leather-strapped gentlemen’s classic, and transform into a military-style action watch with a matt black case and nylon strap.

“For retailers, this gives customers a reason to keep coming back as they build a collection of components that can be swapped again and again,” explained Niklas Dahlgren, Boom Watches’ CEO.

Boom Watches has slightly changed tactics this year. In the past, watches have been sold as a kit that can be assembled into a watch. Now, they sell a complete watch, and the kits of components are sold as add-ons. “We found that it was easier for people to visualise complete watches,” said Jakobsson.

New retailers are supplied with 20 or more complete watch designs, plus a range of add-on kits.

Complete watches retail for around EUR 150, or EUR 160 with a metal strap.



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