Boom Watches caters to customers wanting to customise their wristwear every day


Boom Watches aims to crack the UK market in 2017 with its affordable range of customisable watches.

The Swedish brand says retailers working with Boom Watches will profit from repeat business from customers who will constantly want to change the look of their watches to match their fashion and mood.

“Consumer trends are still steering towards customised and personalised design. People are striving to create their own, unique style, in particular when it comes to accessorising an outfit with a  matching watch. This pretty much sums up what Boom offers. What’s also a great consumer advantage with Boom products, is that you don’t have to wait for lengthy manufacturing lead times since the Boom team picks all the watch parts directly off the shelf,” explains Boom Watches CEO Niklas Dahlgren.


Mr Dahlgren wanted to make it possible for the entire watch to be changed, not just the strap. He spent many years developing a concept where the strap, the outer case, the bezel and the inner casing housing the movement can be swapped without any specialist tools.

At Baselworld, retailers will be shown the 2017 generation of watches, priced at around €150-200, that can be transformed from watches that look like sports watches during the day and become dress watches in the evening.

“We are setting you express your personality because we are individuals, not a demographic,” says Mr Dahlgren.


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